Tyme 2 For Mac v2018.7 破解版 – 个人时间规划追踪管理工具

Tyme 2 For Mac v2018.7 破解版 - 个人时间规划追踪管理工具
所属分类:任务日历 适用平台:OS X 10.10 或更高版本 软件版本:v2018.7 最后更新:2018年03月05日

今天天启软件世界为大家推荐一款Mac平台上的简单而有效的时间跟踪工具 - Tyme 2 For Mac v2018.7,Tyme 2 For Mac可以瞬间直观明晰你的工作时间概述,进步,你正在进行项目所需时间,如果你仍然有时间可预算。那么Tyme 2 For Mac就位于菜单栏中,并很容易地访问。

[Tyme 2 Mac App Store上售价人民币113元]

  • 软件介绍

Tyme 2 is a simple and effective time-tracking tool for anyone who wants to keep an overview of the times they have worked. It is as clean and simple as the previous version, but with powerful new features that will make your life even easier!


· Everything at a glance – With Tyme, everything you need is right there. An instant overview of the times you’ve worked, your budget or deadlines.

· Quick access and Autostart – Control Tyme right from the Menubar, start timers via hotkeys and add notes to your time entries at any time. Tyme can also start automatically at system startup.

· Search and Archive – Filter your projects and tasks and move completed projects or tasks to the archive. Sort them by name, due date or by your own priorities. In Tyme, your project list never gets messy.

· Time tracking, Mileage tracking and Fixed costs – Besides tracking time, Tyme can keep track of mileage and fixed costs. Automatic tracking of mileage tasks can reduce battery life.

· Multiple timers – If you need to have more than one active timer, start as many as you want.

· Extended hierarchy – Whether you need just projects and tasks or more detail, in Tyme, you can add sub tasks and categories, as well as choose the depth of the hierarchy by yourself.

· Billing – Tyme can keep track of already billed periods. No more double billing.
Statistics – Use the statistics to monitor your workload, your working times, how often you took a break and what your average day looks like. The statistics also offer a forecast of your workload for the next weeks. Besides daily, weekly, monthly, annual time frames, you can also choose custom ranges.

· Cloud Sync – Tyme can sync your data across all your devices. Choose between iCloud or Dropbox for syncing.

· Calendar Sync – All recorded times can be synced as events to your calendar. You can rearrange events in the calendar and edit notes. Tyme will sync back to your calendar.

· Reminder – Forgot to start a timer? It’s the middle of the night and a timer is still running? Do you have deadline closing in or you’re about to exceed your planned budget? Tyme can remind you of these things. No need to configure your working times. Tyme learns your habits and will remind you at the exact right time.

· Export and Scripting – Generate time sheets as PDF, export your data as CSV or JSON to use it in other applications or use AppleScript to connect to the workflows of other apps. You can also export the whole database as a backup file.

· Various Import Formats – Import your data from Tyme 1, CSV files, a Tyme 2 backup file or via AppleScript.

· Keyboard control – Tyme can be used without a mouse and has keyboard shortcuts for almost all actions.

· Mobile App – With the Tyme iOS app, you can track your time, mileage and fixed costs on the go. It also offers geofencing – No need to manually start or stop a timer; it can be done automatically based on your location.

  • 更新内容

· 修复了AppleScript实现中的一个问题

· AppleScript现在支持子任务

· 新的CSV导入程序。从任何来源导入数据。

· 复制并粘贴时间条目。您很快想要将您当前的预订时间导出为邮件?CMD + C,完成!

  • 激活方法

· 已激活,直接安装即可!

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