File Cabinet Pro For Mac v5.9 破解版 – 菜单栏文件管理工具

File Cabinet Pro For Mac v5.9 破解版 - 菜单栏文件管理工具
所属分类:文件管理 适用平台:OS X 10.10 或更高版本 软件版本:v5.9 最后更新:2018年03月13日

今日天启软件世界为大家推荐一款Mac平台上的菜单栏文件管理工具 - File Cabinet Pro For Mac v5.9,File Cabinet Pro For Mac快速导航到文件,不会混乱您的桌面。 从菜单栏中打开,移动,重命名,压缩,标记,删除,复制和粘贴文件。 您可以在 File Cabinet Pro 中本机打开许多文件类型,或通过启动其他应用程序打开文件。 很容易在图标视图中单击目录,在列表视图中钻取目录,或在列视图中导航文件树。

[File Cabinet Pro 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币198元]

  • 功能介绍


·Plain text files (txt)

·Rich Text Format (rtf)

·Rich Text Format Directory (rtfd)

·Portable Document Format (pdf)


·Portable Network Graphics (png)

·Joint Photographic Experts Group (jpeg)

·Tagged Image File Format (tiff, tif)

·Bitmap image file (bmp)

·Photoshop File Format (psd) Import only

·Scalable Vector Graphics (svg) Import only











With File Cabinet Pro you can:

∙ Create subdirectories.

∙ Click into subdirectories and open documents.

∙ Set a "Primary" and "Secondary" directory button for the bottom bar to get an innovative drag and drop experience; drag files to these buttons in the bottom bar to bring up a popover window.

∙ Tag files easily. Select files in File Cabinet Pro, right click, and then simply add or remove file tags from the control in the context menu.

∙ Show selected files in Finder.

∙ Rename files.

∙ Copy and paste files.

∙ Compress files.

∙ Trash files.

∙ View items as icons, in a list, or in columns.

∙ Launch the application at login. You can have File Cabinet Pro automatically launch when you login to your Mac (optional feature, disabled by default).

∙ Create a list of all your favorite directories in the sidebar.

∙ Create and edit txt, rtf, and rtfd files using the built in lightweight text editor.

∙ Rotate images, crop images, and apply filters to images using the built in lightweight image editor.

∙ Watch video and play audio files using the built in media player.

∙ View pdf files using the built in pdf viewer.

∙ Revert document versions for supported editable document types.

∙ Set a Global Hotkey for showing and closing the File Cabinet Pro window (optional feature, disabled by default).

∙ Preview selected files in Quicklook by pressing the spacebar.

∙ Share files in apps that support Sharing extensions like Mail and Messages.

  • 更新内容

· 将文件从File Cabinet Pro拖放到Dock中的垃圾桶图标现在将文件移动到垃圾箱。

  • 激活方法

· 已激活,直接安装即可!

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