Downie For Mac v3.4.3 破解版 – 专业而简单的网页视频下载软件

Downie For Mac v3.4.3 破解版 - 专业而简单的网页视频下载软件
所属分类:下载软件 适用平台:OS X 10.11 或更高版本 软件版本:v3.4.3 最后更新:2018年09月06日

今日天启软件世界为大家推荐一款Mac平台上专业的网页视频 下载软件 - Downie For Mac v3.4.3,Downie Mac版支持YouTube,Vimeo 等超过170个视频网站。它不会因为大量的选项而让用户困扰 - 它使用起来非常简单。最新破解版,实测支持国内的优酷和土豆以及国外的Youtube,如果你对视频下载有强烈的需求,Downie 绝对是你的不二之选!

[Downie 在官网上售价19.99美元,约合人民币130元]

  • 软件介绍

Downie Mac版超级简单易用,只需要拖拽或输入视频网址就可以自动下载!

Downie is a super-easy-to-use video downloader, supporting YouTube, Vimeo, and over 500 other sites. It doesn’t bother the user with a plethora of options – it just does its job!

Supports many sites – currently supports over 500 different sites (including YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and the number is rapidly growing.

· 4K video YouTube support – unlike many other YouTube downloaders, Downie supports HD video on YouTube, up to 4K.

· Postprocessing – need your video in MP4 for iTunes? Or want just the audio track? No problem, Downie can handle this for you automatically!

· Quick support – I respond to emails usually within 24 hours and often add support for requested sites in the next update.

· Frequent updates – Don’t wait weeks for new sites to be supported, or bugs to be fixed! Downie is updated about once a week with new features, sites supported, etc.

· International – not only that Downie supports country-specific sites, it is localized. If your language is missing, contact us – we can offer you a free license in exchange for a translation.

Downie For Mac 视频

  • 更新内容

· 新增:。

· 改进:,,,,,,。

· 改进: HLS后处理。

· 改进: 内存使用情况。

· 修复: 长文件名的问题。

· 修复: 大型播放列表崩溃。

  • 激活方法

• 已激活,直接安装!

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