CrossFTP For Mac v1.99.0 序列版 – 优秀的FTP客户端软件

CrossFTP For Mac v1.99.0 序列版 - 优秀的FTP客户端软件
所属分类:FTP工具 适用平台:OS X 10.7 或更高版本 软件版本:v1.99.0 最后更新:2018年10月25日

今日天启软件世界为大家推荐一款Mac平台上非常不错的 FTP 客户端工具 - CrossFTP For Mac v1.99.0,CrossFTP Mac版简直就是Mac上的FlashFXP。而且在界面和功能上和FlashFXP以及CuteFTP类似。非常不错!

[CrossFTP 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币163元]

  • 软件介绍

CrossFTP Pro is a powerful FTP, SFTP, FTPS, FXP, WebDav, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, and GS storage client. It also integrates multiple features to improve your efficiency: folder search, folder sync, scheduling, archive management & browsing, split and combine large files, checksum verification, Cloudfront distribution management are all at your fingertips.

System requirement: Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or later.

General Features:

· Full FTP/SFTP/FTPS/FXP/WebDav/Amazon S3/Amazon Glacier/GS protocol support

· Multipart download support to get great speed for large files' download

· Multi-thread transfer engine

· Robust failure recovery

· Directory synchronization

· Move support for data transfer

· Multi-tabs support

· Allow to queue operations of CHMOD,Metadata update, move to, rename, and delete for multi-threaded processing

· Remote editing of server file

· Fast remote delete by queue

· FTP command

· Zip archive searching and operating

· Search local and remote files

· Calculate the folder size

· Scheduling

· Bandwidth limiting

· Site manager

· Search sites in site manager

· HTTP/SOCK/FTP proxy support

· Sync browsing

· SFV checksum support

· Combine files and split files for large file processing

· Select matched/diff and same extension file.

· Detail logging support

· Speed and memory monitoring

Amazon S3 client features:

· Public/private CloudFront distribution management

· CloudFront Object Invalidation

· URL sign for public/private CloudFront

· Default ACL setting for uploading

· ACL modification

· Bucket Logging support

· Bucket policy support

· S3 static website configuration

· S3 bucket IAM policy editor with syntax highlighter, formatter, and json validator

· S3 lifecycle rules management (transit to/from Glacier storage class or expire objects)

· Mount external bucket

· Reduced redundancy storage support

· DevPay support

· Request Pay support

· Metadata/HTTP-header editing support

· Server side encryption support

· Multi-part upload for S3

· GZip compressing transfer

· Mime-type support

· Checksum verification

· S3 compatible 3rd party support, such as DreamObjects, Walrus, etc.

GS Storage client features:

· OAuth2 token support

· ACL modification

· Metadata/HTTP-header editing support

· Checksum verification

WebDav features:

· Lock/Unlock resource files

· HTTPS certification verification and management

SFTP/SSH features:

· Private key/passphrase support

· Cipher suit configuration

· Zip compressing transfer

· Remote shell command

· Remote zip extraction

Amazon Glacier Features:

· Retrieve rate limit wizard to save the retrieval cost

· Local tree style file system cache for Amazon Glacier

· Multi-part upload support for Amazon Glacier

· Support very large file's upload (up to 40TB)

· Manage duplicated Amazon Glacier object names

· Overwrite support for Amazon Glacier's upload

· Multi-threads transfer support

· zip compressing transfer support

· Directory synchronization

· Bandwidth limit management

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  • 激活方法

· CrossFTP Mac破解版软件包下载完成后打开,将“CrossFTP”拖至电脑应用程序中进行安装。

· CrossFTP for Mac安装好了之后我们打开,大家可以先选择喜欢的版本进行试用,然后点击“下一个”。(然后会弹出一个试用许可证界面,先将此界面放置一旁不要关闭。)

· 然后回到“CrossFTP”软件包,打开CrossFTP 激活工具“KeyMaker.jar”(无法打开 请先安装Java JDK)。

· 弹出一个激活工具窗口,上面会显示注册码信息。大家可以根据自己的喜欢选择版本,然后将得到的注册码复制至“CrossFTP”注册界面即可

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