Archiver For Mac v3.0.4 序列版 – 功能强大的压缩解压工具

Archiver For Mac v3.0.4 序列版 - 功能强大的压缩解压工具
所属分类:压缩解压 适用平台:OS X 10.11 或更高版本 软件版本:v3.0.4 最后更新:2018年06月03日

今日天启软件世界为大家带来一款Mac平台上功能强大的压缩解压工具 - Archiver For Mac v3.0.4,Archiver For Mac简单实用切功能齐全,你只需简单的拖放文件就可以进行压缩,你还可以为你的文件设定密码,如果文件很大你可以直接切割文件。

[Archiver 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币128元]

  • 软件介绍

Archiver is a powerful, feature-rich archiving utility for the Mac to open archives, compress files, as well as split and combine files.

Why Archiver?

• Smooth, easy-to-use user interface that blends beautifully into your Mac

• Smart drag & drop to save you time

• Conveniently preview archives

• Lighting-fast archive decompression

• Tailor to your needs with flexible power options

Use cases

• Open popular archive formats such as RAR, StuffIt, Zip, 7zip, and many more

• Reduce file and folder size with strong compression

• Encrypt and password-protect sensitive data

• Convert exotic archive formats to more common ones for easier file sharing

• Split and combine files

Open archives

• Never worry about file formats again

• Drag in your archives and let Archiver handle the rest for you

• Extract all the common archive formats such as .rar, .7zip, .zip and .sit

• Unpack most of the not-so-common formats too, see the list below

Preview archives

• Conveniently quick look an archive's file contents

• See what's inside an archive without having to extract it

• Unpack only the files you need

Create archives

• Reclaim hard disk space by packing files and folders into an archive

• Choose compression level from low (faster) to strong (slower)

• Optionally encrypt archives with a password

Power options for power users

• Choose a default output folder

• Automatically delete archives after extraction

• Skip preview stages for even faster archive opening, creation and conversion

Split and combine files

• Split large files into smaller files of any desired size

• Works great for files too large to send by email or to fit onto a disk

• Compress the split files for extra space savings

• Optionally generate a checksum to verify file integrity for added security

Supported file formats

• Zip

• 7zip (7z, 7z.001, 7z.002, ...)

• Tar

• Tar Gzip (tar.gz, tgz)

• Tar Bzip2 (tar.bz2, tbz)

• Tar Z (tar.Z)

• CPIO (cpio)

• ARJ [read only]

• CAB [read only]

• LhA (lha, lzh) [read only]

• StuffIt (sit) [read only]

• StuffIt Expander Archive (sea) [read only]

• BinHex (hqx) [read only]

• MacBinary (bin, macbin) [read only]

• Linux RPM (rpm) [read only]

• PAX [read only]

• Amiga disk file (adf) [read only]

• RAR (rar, r00, r01, r02, ...) [read only]

• Compressed Amiga disk file (adz, ADZ) [read only]

• Amiga DMS disk archive (dms, DMS) [read only]

• Amiga LhF (f, F) [read only]

• Amiga LZX (lzx) [read only]

• Amiga DCS disk archive (dcs) [read only]

• Amiga PackDev (pkd) [read only]

• Amiga xMash disk archive (xms) [read only]

• Amiga Zoom disk archive (zom) [read only]

• HA archive [read only]

• macOS / Mac OS X installer packages [read only]

• Debian packages [read only]

• ZIPx [read only]

• Web application archive [read only]

  • 更新内容

• 新功能:记住应用程序重新启动之间的“显示密码”状态

• 新功能:记住应用重新启动之间的加密设置

• 新增:添加密码验证改进

• 新增:.jar归档支持

• 新功能:.aar档案支持

• 新增功能:.apk归档支持

  • 激活方法

• 使用 SN.txt 中的激活码完成激活认证

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